The reward for your Ruby tier for example

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I mainly play on the Change, but have the game for the PS4. In regards to online the Switch version is good. Not only are the servers poor, like on any games console... But it is hard to find games, but sometimes you visit the Park and wind up being the only person there. Also there's no voice conversation. . Yes, you may blame Nintendo for having to use a dumb program NBA 2K20 MT. However, the app does not work for 2k. And please eliminate records. It is bad enough people don't wanna play with me cuz my entire (81 btw), but my list is terrible because ball-hogging teammates that want be Curry. And I can't call them out on it because NO VOICE CHAT!

I mainly play myteam reason I think the park is just one of the worst facets of this game.tiered gameplay options. I personally don't wish to play with or against opals and pink diamonds, so there should be an unlimited mode for every tier, and if you win a certain number of matches you get a participant from the grade above (change them monthly or have an amethyst player package as the reward for your Ruby tier for example), this would reward players for playing the sport without punishing people who don't wish to spend money on packs. Additionally, it would also open up lower teams that are tiered to make the game a whole lot more diverse whilst keeping them competitive and at precisely the exact same time motivate their player collection to expand. Each grade might have there have leaderboard too.

Remove to change settings that are offensive and defensive , perhaps even the ability to decide on the play that is called. This should be controlled by the mix of participant chosen, coach playbook and selected. I think that this will lead to all sorts of staff assembles for certain play styles. The problem with 2k for decades has been lose or play with the META. We shouldn't need to change each time we are loading into a match although this should be self explanatory but.

Keep place locks, but also make it even more rigid. I think the greatest example of this I could find is 2k appear to give a secondary place based on elevation to players. This should be based off what the players really have played. A good example of this could be a younger durant may play SF and SG but he would not be too elite as a prime durant who'd play with SF or PF. A PG giannis could be released by them but he wouldn't be as dominant as prime giannis who hasn't played with PG. That's it. Game style fixed. Non of them would require any game engine changes since they are just easy restrictions. They would like to compare it to some trading card game, they should take a look at the balancing of trading card games. I think this would also benefit 2k as they would be able to discharge more cards, such as multiple cards of the same player with a different tier or position.

I'll apologize now bcuz I am sure it's been brought up but it's among the very underrated game mechanics and for me personally have been destroying the game for me for decades but we need full control over whether we go up for a dunk or a layup. Nothing other than complete controller is unacceptable . Obviously if you're extremely short than there should be a cut away for being able to dunk and maybe if you're just a bad dunker than I could live with the way the system is now but if I am a pure slasher, that I usually make one every year bcuz they was how I'd have fun and get a break from only shooting 3s until the last couple years, but I shouldn't not understand what my participant is gonna go for when I go for a dunk.

Ever. 2k19 and 2k20 have drained my level of patience on those animations from the game, but seeing dunking I would rather move the rod to go up for a dunk and get totally shutdown or whiff the dip if I'm pushing it just like back in 2k18 daily Vs exactly what we have now where you don't know what animation youre gont get. Not bragging but I could dip in actual life and I'd imagine that the pros can say the exact same but when I am play an actual game of ball or at any time for that matter, at not stage have I ever wished to go up with it and wondered if I'm about to do a layup or dunk it. Can't tell you how many times I have seen or been the one who got blocked or did the cube when a participant in the pain gets his man conquer or pump fake and get the defenders to jump and then the player who pump faked,

Like he should unless theres an easy 3.

Go to dip and they will get the most awkward, slow, unathletetic layup I have never seen a real person attempt in my entire life until this match. If it is someone slipped past by it, as you could imagine, does not fall. In my middle ball coach seen anyone on my group back when I was that young, do a number of these animations that are in the match rn. He'd bench your ass. Mind you I stated middle school coach Buy 2K20 MT. My father was my high school mentor and tbh I can not say what he'd do bcuz no one has been dumb enough to play like this, largely bcuz any participant knows that's not the way you should ever play basketball and the remainder is bcuz my ole man woulda humiliated you until you quit that moronic shit.

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