The changes 2K21 needs to create

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I begin these off but I am really eager to argue about any of these, so feel free. The only thing I ask is that you describe how it makes NBA 2K21 BETTER. Do not simply say"stop whining about x", explain how x is actually improving NBA 2K21. Speedy overview of my standpoint. I'm a SS3 using a 67 Wpercent in park (1200 games) and 80 percent in rec (250 matches ). The majority of NBA MT Coins the park matches come with randoms, and the rec games are a mixture together with friends and of randoms.

So I am not a 2K god by some stretch, and I'm not a buttocks. My rec team wins over 95% of the time, so I have experience being the squad that is sweaty that everyone hates and being on a group. I feel like I've got more of a view of what it is like to be the average 2K player. I am purchasing 2K21 and NBA Live 21 no matter what year, but that I am sticking with the other or one. Here's 10 changes I feel 2K must make that would make NBA 2K21 better for the vast majority of players.

Offensive 3 minutes in park is 6 seconds. This allows bigs camp at the paint for 5 minutes at a time either sitting under the rim for pump or an board faking 100 times beneath you are under the rim. During Rush events they really call 3 minutes in 3 minutes and it cuts down on some of the post scorer cheese. Defensive 3 at the key should be added to park as well, but fix it (in rec also) so where you don't have to be hugging your guy to not get it called. A defensive 3 seconds call would work the same as a foul call. Combined with #8 on the list, that will cut back on the paint camping.

Personally, I despise court conquerer since the playground empties and I don't want perform against AI. But there is no denying. You ought to have the option of playing your myplayer with friends against AI or even match up against your friend's team. It'd also be nice to have the ability to practice plays to your staff ect that is pro am. The issue with this that I hear is people using this to cheese NBA 2K21 to progress their player but you might nerf the progression in these games similar to how the cages are. (I had a 20 rebound game and got like 600 points involving badges).

I have played over 3000 park matches between 2K20 and 2K19 and I've yet to see someone foul out. Players know they there are no free throws in playground and Buy NBA 2K MT don't need to fret about fouling out, so they can spam to their heart's content. Finest case scenario, they get a steal. Worst case scenario, break or your momentum stops. There's virtually no penalty for attaining at this time. By cutting the limitation to 3, the amount of fouls cuts to give in half to 2.