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Can not wait to eventually return to watching!Dude my heart rate went up 20bpm in the conclusion. Fucking grind. Absolutely insane.This guy is insane.Not just black elegant legs but the MOST BLACK MOST ELEGANT MOST LEGS.One Black Elegant Legs to rule them all, one Black Elegant Legs to bind them.One Black Elegant Legs to bring them all and RuneScape gold in the swamp bind them.Definitely a filler arc, however a pretty enjoyable one.

Just on OSRS is half an 16 hour days filler content

Just something interesting to the combat stats grind, but I dig it.I was so nervous watching this.I was with my nose onto my screen that last measure god that dopamine struck at the conclusion was real.Going against the grain here but this is the first video I actually felt uncomfortable watching. 37 days to grind out something that had zero goal. Two months to get a whip of Temple Trekking? Purposeful, although absurd. This? Ok. I hope settled is really okay.That's why I gave 3 additional real productive motives for doing it.

I had a few choices: Produce a literal 10 second movie of me getting 3 melee levels, and 3 variety levels, and end it at that. OR:Complete something that I stated I would complete over a year go for an achievement. Collect ruby bolt tips and the kwuarms I'll want, and get higher melee stats to make my TOB simpler. All when you look at it as just hoping to have a clue casket yeah it will seem pretty pointless. Nevertheless, it was a goal alongside productivity.

The disclaimer you put that this would not be healthy was good to hear. I was basically thinking"let this man sleep" to the entire episode.You've talked previously about staying healthy and busy during your grinds and I am grateful you reinforced the point. The editing was considerably less stressful than the mill was. Be good to yourself.I do urge healthiness in grinding. Even this wasn't as bad as people believe, only 5 of the 37 days ever went past 9hrs of play runescape 3 gold time. If I didnt get a 2nd clue in the first 9 hours of my afternoon, I stopped and tried again the next day.It helps when you've got an entire community drawing for you aswell, not like you are some unknown guy grinding away for this, we do not deserve the swampman.