Portland Trail Blazers: Did NBA 2K21 leak the Trail Blazers’ new stadium design?

Yorumlar · 25 Görüntüler

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NBA 2K21 released the first trailer for the next-generation console this fall. It seems that they also showed how the Portland Trail Blazers will play next season.

Earlier this week, "2K Sports" drove NBA fans crazy, launching the first game trailer of "NBA 2K21" for the upcoming PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X consoles. As one might expect, the Portland Trail Blazers superstar and screen player Damian Lillard made many cameos. If players like these two characters, they may be able to get them through NBA 2K21 MT.

The trailer showed his dunk animation and his new generation of facial scan close-ups, adding emotion and more sweat. At first glance, what may not have been noticed is that Moda Center looks a little different during the actual trailer teaser.

The Portland Trail Blazers’ Reddit page first cancelled the discussion, and user r/ChurroMemes noticed the difference between the Trail Blazers’ approximate old stadium and the stadium highlighted in the game trailer. If you want to find the difference yourself, take a look at the trailer.

The first thing that first stood out was the red three-dot line. In the past, the Blazers chose black lines and decals. Then, taking another look, Lillard seemed to be dunking with red paint. During the 2019-20 season, Moda Center paint was off-white, almost light beige.

The Trail Blazers adopted a special design this season to commemorate the NBA championship team in the 1976-77 season. In the past, they used red paint. Then, the last thing you can see from a fast, limited camera angle is that the sideline decals on the sideline look like black and white stripes.

A Reddit member r/UpperV03 provided a forecast that explains the situation of the entire court in 2021 and beyond. This is not necessarily the first time NBA 2K has intentionally or unintentionally scattered beans on the court. Before the release of 2K20, they provided the appearance of the Clippers' new black-themed stadium before the NBA tip.

As for the more literal meaning of the Blazers' fate on the court, that bodes well. The last time the Trail Blazers used red frontcourt paint was in the Western Conference finals. If the NBA 2K21 trailer is established, it will mark the third major stadium change since 2014-15. We have officially entered the dog day of the offseason. Players who want to feel more fun of the game can quickly buy Cheap NBA 2K21 MT to better enjoy the charm of NBA 2K21.