EVE Online has had an interesting couple of weeks

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Because of this, a blackout of eve isk neighborhood chat in player-owned space will occur, effectively changing how intelligence is gathered in Nullsec. Effectively, the local chat system is being installed to operate much like it will in Wormhole area: players can opt in to be observed in local chat. Previously when you enter a system you are added to the neighborhood chat window. You are able to find out who exactly is in space with you and whether or not they are friend or foe.

Via user Wingspantt on Reddit, the problems many capsuleers in Nullsec have with this are laid quite bare. Local chat, the consumer says,"for decades has been utilized as a tool of war, reconnaissance and intelligence more than it's used for social functions." By allowing players to opt into area chat while at Nullsec, it takes much of the initial intelligence gathering away from gamers. This greatly benefits cloaked players specifically, because they may essentially become entirely invisible as a result. The blackout will basically make Nullsec incredibly unsafe for the players that call it home.

On one hand many will point out that Nullsec is supposed to be unsafe - it is player versus player gameplay that functions as the wild west in many respects. Something even as seemingly innocuous as it pertains to the external viewer could completely change the dynamic of Nullsec gameplay and be incredibly disruptive. Because of this, many gamers have threatened to quit EVE Online altogether, while some are rejoicing the move as a tool that is needed to shake up the dynamic in Nullsec. While the blackout is coming soon, CCP will soon be giving players 48 hours notice to get ready for the dynamic shift to Nullsec. With this, as well as the Drifter invasions hitting on the Nullsec alliances, it's going to be fascinating to understand how EVE's sandbox corrects and overcomes the challenges.

EVE Online has had an interesting couple of weeks, and it doesn't seem like it is going to slow down anytime soon. The alterations to how Nullsec works could sabotage to flip the participant dynamic that has been the norm for years on end on its mind. Meanwhile, while Nullsec players have to deal with modifications to Local chat, Drifters continue to pour into their pockets of space, threatening what they've spent years building. All while CCP addresses the perception they are selling skill points to keep newer players although not fixing the problems within the game that causes retention to suffer. Suffice to sayEVE Online continues to prove why it is among the most intriguing games on the internet to date, but while doing this is rubbing a lot of its most hardcore fans the wrong way.

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