Still adversely impacting parts of RuneScape

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I didn't see this in updates or announcements, so I chose to put it here for people to discuss. Dear RuneScape Community, I would like to take a minute of RS gold the time to address the highly emotive issue we face as a neighborhood -- robots. At the start of the year, once we introduced Free Trade and the Wilderness ago, we promised that we'd couple that with programmes that could battle the inevitable botting that would lead to this choice. Over the last few months we have initiated a range of programmes to try it, a few of which we have already mentioned to you, some of that we haven't because of valid reasons and some since we do not want to frighten gold farmers and bot manufacturers about our counter steps.

Still adversely impacting parts of RuneScape

The challenge for us is that despite all of our programs and best intentions the challenge is still enormous and, most annoyingly, still negatively affecting portions of RuneScape gold buy our sport. We're continuing to combat bots on all fronts. In a bid to be more open and transparent we need to discuss a few steps and initiatives we are about to release/have released recently: We've recently enhanced our internal systems to be able to spot spam in the chat window and immediately mute the offender preventing the constant stream of communication from the gold farmers which are impacting the sport experience. Your reports are very helpful to us here! Continuing our ongoing legal cases against bot developers.