The fast upgrade of World of Warcraft is great, but the experience is a bit different

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In the 16 years since the launch of World of Warcraft, I have focused on one character. He killed the gods, defeated some of the more sinister enemies of Azeroth, and saved the planet many times. Usually this is what you call a hero. He also killed many league players, apparently 64,559, and became a complete guy many times, but we will not disadvantage him.

In fact, I have many other characters in various stages of their heroic journey, although I feel that if you want to impress World of Warcraft again, you don't need these heroic deeds anymore. Any young cub can rock and roll and play the role of the WOW Classic Gold next villain, grandpa or tribal leader. There is no background check, no patience test.
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Since the overhaul of the flat ground, I have returned to the level 10 panda I just created a few years ago, but I have never played it before, and I am surprised that I can go directly to Zandalar. I'm happy about this, don't get me wrong, but the truth is that I was treated as a kicking hero from the beginning. At this point, the little panda has absolutely done nothing, so that it cannot be called a "hero" or "champion". Since the Cheap WOW Classic Gold focus is not here, choose to put it on the other side.

Since the patch was released, I have pushed some cartoons I overlooked to level 50. I have no interest in running any dungeons, let alone attacking the team, because it is meaningless from the equipment point of view, and anyway, I have played a protagonist in the main story. But if there is not such a big final game content, I really would not feel that I am doing epic things in the world of Azeroth. Nothing makes me feel like a hero.

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