World of Warcraft's zombie invasion is different in 2020

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Warcraft itself is a plague. They defined the most iconic moments in its history as a part of online culture: the infamous bug, the bloody plague of decay, the Wrath of the Lich King caused by nostalgia, and the scourge of players fighting to avoid death. The latter disease will recover in the latest event of the game, but this time it feels a bit wrong.
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After several weeks of delay, World of Warcraft players will finally enter Shadowlands next week, and players are also looking forward to the eighth expansion of this noble MMORPG. In the current expansion, Battle for Azeroth saw the alliances and tribal factions in the world hurt each other, and saw them form another kind of fragile partnership. This is when the former leader of the tribe, Sylvanas Windrunner, walked towards the rogue and committed it, tearing the Classic WOW Gold structure of reality between the real world of World of Warcraft and the afterlife of World of Warcraft. This leads to chaotic results, where players need to start a new journey.

To celebrate the upcoming Shadowlands, the game is currently hosting a special pre-exploitation event "The Rise of Death". Part of it involves wrapping up some of the remaining threads of Battle for Azeroth when establishing the foundation for the Shadowlands.

Sylvanas defeated the Lich King and opened the tears of the world. The Lich King is known as the culprit of the Scourge. The former famous Warcraft III star Arthas Menethil is now the scourge of Wrath of the Lich King hero Bolvar Fordragon. Now, after she kidnapped a group of faction leaders and drove them to Shadowlands, players started looking for her. This mainly starts when you flew to the old place of the second in command of Sylvanas, he noticed the undead bastard Nathanos Blightcaller and became an enemy during the Battle of Azeroth. It's also because, my goodness, he is really just a bad guy.

Basically, players must protect their capital and other key locations in the world of Azeroth from unconscious zombies. If they are not careful, they may also suffer from death. They did not rush to the healer, nor did they give other players the ability to treat the disease debuffs in time, but they turned into zombies and could infect other players. Of course, I think this is interesting, at least I like it.

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