Obviously that isn't gon na na be the name however I can't think of anything.

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If you get rid of a certain number of matches a seed moves down. For example with loss plan and my win for seed 2 you need 10 wins to move up 7-9 drops less or 6 to proceed a seed down and to remain the exact same. You get rewards every time you finish a league. As an instance for moving up from the 8th seed you receive a league pack, but for moving up from the 2nd seed you receive 500 tokens. My seed plan is 8th seed 2 wins to go up pro difficulty 0-1 wins for NBA 2K21 MT moving up, to remain exactly the exact same reward: Celtics bunch. 7th seed 4 wins to move 0-2 wins up to move down 3 wins to stay the same. Pro difficulty reward for transferring up: 25 tokens. 5th seed: 6 drops to move 4-5 up to stay the to maneuver down.

All celebrity difficulty. Reward for moving upward: 4 packs of whatever packs are out that week. It's the deluxe edition if the packs have a deluxe version. Seed: 8 wins to move up 6-7 to stay exactly the exact same 0-5 losses to move down. Superstar difficulty. Superstar difficulty. Reward 500 tokens. 1st seed: 10 wins to fill out the road and receive the final reward. 6-9 wins to stay the same 0-5 wins to proceed down. Hof difficulty. The galaxy opal player that is now the reward for this. You can collect all the rewards again and go back down to the seed, When you complete the street, and the galaxy opal is substituted with 1000 tokens for you.

Instead of ball and the vault drops after you win you get to flip out cards of like 18 cards that are every time, which reset every around. The number of flips go up till you get 3 losses like it's 23, for each win up to 5. To the one flips you go back after your 9th and 10th. The more wins you have online without getting 3 losses (so the more flips you have) the better prizes you can get. For offline you can get different prizes than online, (reward cards).

My group team up. It is a player controlled manner but there's matchmaking and you get to use cards. You could que into NBA 2K21 with your teammates or friends. First when entering NBA 2K21 mode you choose what game mode that you want to perform out of it, 2s which is half court make it take it. 3's which is 5v5 that's all star team, and court on a tto court. After you choose the style, you choose the difficulty you want to be que'd right into, and then after you discover a game you get onto a match display with your teammate in which you guys can pick what players you would like to use from your group, and you also get to see what participant your teammates are picking too so you guys can float. Each player gets to choose the cards from the personal collection.

Obviously that isn't gon na na be the name however I can't think of anything. So it's like unlimited is minus a salary cap rewards, and the 12-0 players. The salary cap may work two ways. 2K gives players a wages when they launch the card upgrades their wages during the year. When 2K is too lazy to do the way second way that's is giving a salary to tiers of cards. I can't say exactly what the Buy 2K21 MT wages of this card tiers would be now as cards and teams get 30, since it might need to have upgraded during the year. The way that they were performing with max before didn't work because people could have god squads because people are not currently gon na have the best players so the usage rate of the god players were down meaning their wages was low.