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I am 97 Combat, and I am going to get 99 Defense. I currently have 83, however I do not understand the best places to train. 77 Strike, 76 Power, 83 Defense. Armor -: Helm of Neitiznot, Legend's Cape, Amulet of RS gold Glory, Rune Platebody/Fighter Torso, Rune Platelegs/Dragon Platelegs. Abyssal Whip. Dragon Gloves.

Other Bonuses, Power: +102 (Generally a maximum hit of 22-23) Prayer: 6. A few of the places I think are good training spots... Yaks (level-22) Gains: 50HP and generally easy to kill. Disadvantage: Another boring day in Neitiznot. Flesh Crawlers(level-35). Benefits: Easy to kill, good Rune drops and an occasional Key Half. Disadvantage: Sometimes crowded, hard to bank with a full inventory. Benefits: Points = XP. Advantage: Good XP for slayer and combat. Disadvantage: Some jobs are dumb (20 cows???) Or hard (200 iron paintings???) . I'm simply not sure which one to visit... pick one from the above or make your own suggestion!

My goal is levelling up to 53 so I could do all quests with plantation requirements. Can I be replanting trees and fruit trees as soon as they are fully grown? If I chop my willow for logs do ents and the arms which break your axe come out? I multi-task while on RS and break my axes so often I need to carry 3 rune axes in my personal inventory. I intend to buy osrs gold safe put in a tree in Varrock plus also a fruit tree in Gnome stronghold because they are easy for me to get into in my farm runs. I have full plots in Port Phasmatys, Catherbery, East Ardougne, and Draynor. I haven't begun to do bushes or jumps yet.