Than Pre-EOC Equilibrium Wise

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I do agree to some degree, and this is gonna be unpopular, but a lot of the newest content seems really outside of the"classic" theme of RuneScape gold. Zeah, by way of example, just feels like a server attribute tacked onto the game. I know most people don't care about lore, but the Zeah"lore" feels so disconnected from the rest of RuneScape it just feels like a rushed piece of articles for the sake of content. It will turn into interesting lore wise hopefully when Zeah gets the pursuit of it. Content shrewd though Zeah feels as great as the majority of RuneScape, it'd be nice though Soul Wars could wind up there, if Zeah had a PvP mini game?People today pay for raid scouts. You are allowed to offer providers that were in-game for gp, and easily when that support doesn't require you going on the customer's account. Even flame capes that were selling is permitted, it is just advised against since you can not 100% trust that the vendor. Connected rwt/ddos/etc does break rules, but as I said that should be dealt with more - you can have rev protection clans that are successful with no of the shit.

Revenant cave security must be a bannable offense. If boxing in DMM is then hired thugs in wilderness for protection should also be bannable because that goes against the spirit of risk vs reward that the wilderness is by removing the risk element. Wilderness is intended to be risky, but paying a clan for protection eliminates any form of risk. Clan revenant protection severely damages RuneScape integrity and it creates a ideal way for both parties to farm gp for RWT, which is a bannable offense.

The whole cave could observe some changes although I think revenant cave does not need to be eliminated. To begin with, I propose to move lower degree revenants (imps, goblins, pyrefiends, hobgoblins all to below 30 wilderness, then move the high level revenants to deeper regions of the cave level 30+. That method to produce the most money which may be up of 6million each hour, the pvmer must stand above the 30 wilderness line. If the pvmer wants safety, they could stay below 30 wilderness and kill lower leveled revenants.

Another proposal to change the revenants will also make the wilderness more active. I would make an item that is needed to be present in worn or inventory to have the ability to hurt revenants. When talking to this logo dealer in the cave, that item is given to players. Fees are required by that item, and each charge on such thing means you are able to do 1 damage to your revenant. That thing can be billed by Skilling or even pvming in the jungle, except for revenants. And old school rs gold the more profound in the wilderness one extends the item fees. That merchandise is kept on death, and the charges are never dropped.